Wednesday, 18 April 2012


it's been a really long time since I updated this and starting at silly o'clock in the morning was not a good idea.

Last summer I decided I wanted to go back to my natural colour. This was something I was trying to do when I entered BNTM.
(My hair had snapped off after too much bleach, so I'd had it cut short and dyed dark blonde. When I entered BNTM with a mullet it was because I was in the process of growing it out.)
Anyway after a few months of the dark hair they gave me I got really bored of  having to redo my roots every 2 weeks- blonde roots made it look like I was balding from far away or my hair was thinning!
Having gone from dyed black to blonde before I knew how hideous the process would be. No matter what I did the hair would be damaged (unless I grew it out completely but that would have looked terrible) so I put it off until last summer.
After finishing my first year at uni I left London to go home for the summer, I live in a small town so was feeling a bit braver about bleaching my hair and living with the messy bright orange consequences for a few months.
Anyway it took until October to get the colour right! And my hair was still damaged.
During that time I obviously was on hiatus from modelling- my hair was brassy hues of ickyness.
Since then I've been growing it out, about half my hair is roots now and it comes past my shoulders. The ends are lighter but fortunately everyone seems to think I've dip dyed it or gone for the ombre look!

I have been shooting again lately. Once again freelance although I have been told I'm still welcome at an agency. I've been out of the game for so long now I barely have any confidence.
I've been lucky that the shoots I have done lately, even the campaign have been with people I've worked with before (MUA's etc) So it's been easier.

I don't have all the images back but here's one. And need to keep shhh about the campaign until it's released.

Here's a nice soft shot :)

By Garazi Gardner.
Makeup by Sian Faulkner

Sorry for bad grammar and spelling mistakes...


Monday, 15 August 2011

More Front Cover Cosmetics

The other model, Olivia was 6ft tall, stunning ex Elite girl. I look like poop next to her! This will be available in Boots across the UK soon.
Been waiting for these pictures for nearly a year!


Monday, 23 May 2011

Front Cover

Recently found my face in Boots! completely by accident, some photographs from this time last year were taken for Front Cover Cosmetics. This shoot was initially a test for a bigger job in October, but they liked this image so much they decided to use it. Anyway, pleasant surprise at Liverpool st at 8am (early call for a photoshoot.) I was groggy and not in the best of moods and I walked past this and did a double-take. It's not the best photo... three year old Blackberry camera ftw.

(also, I don't have the web image for the original picture anymore, so had to take a pretty poor quality shot of the print in my book)

I did the job in October too, but those images will be used on their Christmas packaging in December, so still a long wait! 

Friday, 13 May 2011

Alien 2

I look so strange without eyebrows!


Saturday, 7 May 2011


I went to Barcelona last summer. Mainly for a holiday but I was also asked to shoot and meet an agency. This was one of the best shots from the shoot on the balcony of a hotel. 

Dark Beauty